Professional Landscape Design Software
Downloading FAQ

Q: I have a fast satellite connection. Why am I having a problem downloading large files?

A: While satellite connections are typically very fast, they have a high rate of loss when transferring large files. The reason for this is that the signal is converted to analog and shot through the atmosphere twice for every piece of data – much like a dial-up connection is converted to audio signals. This process allows for a relatively large margin of error.

Q. The downloader reports that it can not connect to your server; what is the problem and how can I correct it?

A. Certain firewalls and firewall settings on your computer can refuse our downloader access to our servers. To correct this problem, please adjust your firewall settings or use the alternate download link that is provided within the e-mail purchase receipt.

Q: I am using a dial-up connection; can I still download the software?

A: Possibly. Our software includes a download manager that will recover from lost connections or other errors, but it can take a long time (hours or even days) over a dial-up connection.

Q: Instead of downloading the software, I would rather just wait for a product in the mail. Will I receive one? If so when will I receive it?

A: All of our other products are shipped within one business day and will take approximately three to four days to arrive at a U.S. address. Foreign orders are also shipped, but the time of arrival depends heavily on the location.

Technical Support

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Toll free: 1-866-894-4332
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