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Products and Ordering FAQ

Q. Can I upgrade my software?

A. In most cases, yes. See Upgrade Options for details.

Q. Is your ordering system secure?

A. Absolutely. The Idea Spectrum ordering system uses 256 bit SSL security and the transactions are processed through PayPal, one of the largest online payment services in the world.

Q. Will I have to pay sales tax? If so, what is the tax rate?

A. There is no tax on purchases made outside of Washington State. Orders within Washington State are charged a sales tax in compliance with Washington State laws.

Q. Which product contains the most features?

A. The product with the most features is Realtime Landscaping Architect. Realtime Landscaping Architect contains not only the full 3D design capabilities of Pro and the photo landscaping capabilities of Photo, but also the ability to create professional-looking landscape plans, installation instructions, and CAD drawings. Compare our landscaping software

Q. My credit card is being declined; why is it not processing?

A. When a credit card is declined, it is usually because your bank is rejecting the transaction. Please check your card information and expiration date for accuracy, and contact your bank if the problem persists.

Q. The software is asking for an activation code. Did I receive one? If so, where is it?

A. A personal activation code is required to start using the Realtime Landscaping software. An activation code is emailed to you as soon as your purchase is completed, as well as recorded on the receipt that accompanies the mailed package. If you are having trouble locating the activation code in your e-mail, you may check your junk mail, spam, or bulk folders. If you are unable to locate your activation code you may call our toll-free technical support number 1-866-894-4332 during business hours and we will give your activation code over the phone.

Q. When will my product be shipped?

A. Our goal is to ship every product within one business day of your purchase.

Technical Support

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Toll free: 1-866-894-4332
Outside the U.S.: 253-862-2678
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm PST