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Adding Plan Detail

Plan Detail objects are used to add important information to the Plan view of your landscape design, such as title blocks, irrigation system symbols, installation instructions, 3D labels, and more. Plan detail objects are highly customizable, and can be made to appear like traditional CAD or stylized to look as if they were drawn by hand. The following chart shows the included plan detail objects:









Rounded Rectangle




Linear Dimension

Radial Dimension



3D Label

Plant Label

Plant Legend

Embedded Object

The title block in this landscape design was created using plan detail objects.


Plan Detail Rendering

Plan detail objects appear only in the Plan view and are invisible in the Perspective view and during Realtime Walkthroughs.

Plan detail objects will always appear on top of any other non-plan detail objects. For example, symbols will always appear on top of regions. However, if multiple plan detail objects overlap, then the order of appearance can be changed. For example, if a symbol overlaps a 3D label, then you can control which appears on top of the other.

To change the render order:

1.   Click the plan detail object in your landscape design to select it.

2.   If you wish for the object to render on top of other plan detail objects, click Edit, Render Order, and Bring to Front.
If you wish for the object to render underneath all other plan detail objects, click Edit, Render Order, and Send to Back.

Note: The render order of multiple objects can be adjusted at once. For example, multiple plan detail objects can be selected before using the render order commands.

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