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Symbol Creation Wizard

The Symbol Creation Wizard is used to create 2D symbols out of one or more Plan Detail objects. The newly created symbols can then be used in any of your landscape designs.

Symbols only appear in the Plan view and can be composed of text, dimensions, lines, filled shapes, and even other symbols. Realtime Landscaping Architect includes a large library of symbols that can be used to create new symbols, or you can create your own symbols from scratch.

landscaping software symbol creation wizard dialog

To create a new symbol:

1.   Click the Plan tab to switch to the Plan view.

2.   Create or add the Plan Detail objects that you wish to include in your new symbol. Any of the objects under the Plan Detail tab can be used with the exception of the Plant Legend and Embedded Object tools. See Adding Plan Detail for more information.

3.   Select each of the objects that should be included in the new symbol. See Selecting Objects for details. Ensure that only the Plan Detail objects listed above are selected.

4.   Click Tools and Symbol Creation Wizard.

5.   Click the Next button.

6.   Select Plant Symbol or Other Symbol and then click the Next button.

7.   Click the Set File Name button, type a name for your new symbol, and then click the Next button.

8.   Click the Finish button to complete the wizard.

Your new symbol can be added to any of your landscape designs using the Symbol object.

The picture below shows some of the available symbols that are included in Realtime Landscaping Architect. These symbols can be modified as needed and used to create your own variations.

symbols for landscape lighting design and much more

Using your New Symbol

To add a non-plant symbol, click the Add Symbol button found under the Plan Detail tab.

To add a plant symbol, first add a plant using the Plant button found under the Landscape tab. Next, set the symbol of the plant to the symbol of your choice. For more information, see Plant Symbols and Adding a Plant.


      When creating a new symbol, avoid using the color solid magenta (red=255, green=0, blue=255) because this color will be made transparent.

      After a symbol is placed in your landscape design and selected, a Break Symbol button will allow you to split the symbol into its original pieces. For more information, see Adding a Symbol.

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