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Importing Pictures from Realtime Landscaping Pro or Realtime Landscaping Architect

Using Realtime Landscaping Pro or Realtime Landscaping Architect, you can create pictures of 3D scenes and use them with Realtime Landscaping Photo. This is a powerful feature that allows you to add custom swimming pools, water gardens, decking, and more to your photo-based landscape designs.

To do this, use Realtime Landscaping Pro/Architect to create a landscape design that just includes the custom objects you want to create a picture of. You then start a realtime walkthrough, position the camera, and take a screen shot using the Targa (TGA) file format. This is a special file format that includes an alpha channel, which describes the transparency in the picture. Realtime Landscaping Pro/Architect will set the alpha channel to white (opaque) where any objects are visible, and black (fully transparent) everywhere else, such as over the ground and sky.

You can then import the picture into Realtime Landscaping Photo and use it like any other picture.

To create a picture using Realtime Landscaping Pro or Realtime Landscaping Architect:

1.   Using Realtime Landscaping Pro/Architect, create a landscape design that only includes the objects you want in the picture.

2.   Start a realtime walkthrough.

3.   Position the camera so the objects are centered in the view and fill the view as much as possible without going past the edge. Adjust the camera so the viewpoint approximately matches the viewpoint of the background picture you want to use in Realtime Landscaping Photo.

4.   Press F5 to take a screen shot. When asked for the destination file name, change the file type to TGA. Enter the desired file name and click Save.


5.   Save your landscape design and close Realtime Landscaping Pro/Architect. Then start Realtime Landscaping Photo.

6.   Use the Picture Import Wizard to import the picture you saved in step 4. When asked for the type of picture you want to import, select Picture.

7.   Add a Picture object. The picture you imported will appear in the Custom category of the art browser, and will be available for all of your landscape designs.

See the Realtime Landscaping Pro or Realtime Landscaping Architect's user's guide for more information.

In the following landscape design, the swimming pool was created in Realtime Landscaping Pro and imported into Realtime Landscaping Photo using the above steps.

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