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Adding a Plant

landscaping plant button

One of the key features of Realtime Landscaping Plus is its immense plant database. Thousands of plants are included that are used in landscape designs across the world.

To add a plant:

1.  Click the Add Plant button found near the top of the screen under the Landscape tab.

2.  Click the image of the default plant that appears to the right of the screen, and then select the plant you would like to use.

3.  Click on your design where you want to place the plant. Hold the Ctrl key to add more than one.

The picture below shows a landscape design using a variety of different plants.

landscaping plant

Plant Types: Models and Pictures

Two types of plants are available: models and pictures. The plant models are 3D plants that sway in the wind during walkthroughs, and the plant pictures are 2D images of real plants that have been photographed.

Using the Choose Artwork dialog

The Choose Artwork dialog appears when you want to choose a plant from the plant selection. Plants are organized by categories, such as Shrubs, Tropical, and Trees, and also by planting zones, common names, botanical names, mature ages, and mature heights.

If you want to search for a specific plant, click the Search button. For details, see Searching for Plants.

Setting a Plant’s Starting Age

The starting age of a plant is set to a default value when the plant is first added to your landscape design. The starting age can be changed as needed to modify the height and width of the plant. In the picture below, a Pyracantha is shown at 3 and 4 years.

landscaping plant starting age

The actual age of a plant is the sum of the plant’s starting age and the Plant Growth setting. For example, if a landscape design has an existing arborvitae that is five years old, the Starting Age property should be set to 5 years.

To see how each plant will grow over time, use the Plant Growth setting. For details, see Setting Plant Growth.

Note: The plant growth is estimated based on plant growth formulas, the plant’s mature age, and the plant’s mature height. Since other factors influence growth, such as soil conditions and climate, it is recommended to contact your local nursery for more exact sizing information.

Creating Custom Plants

The library of plants can be expanded using the Picture Import Wizard. To create a custom plant variation based on the currently selected plant, use the Plant Creation Wizard.

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