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User Guide Updates

Getting Started

The Quick Start guide is the best way to get started. To access the guide:

  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. From the Programs menu, select Realtime Landscaping Photo 2013 > Help > Realtime Landscaping Photo Quick Start Guide.

Note: If your copy of Realtime Landscaping Photo was bundled with another product (such as Realtime Landscaping Pro), then select the product name in step 2.

A printed copy is included with the shipped software. You can also download the guide (3.6 MB).

Tip: For more comprehensive help, press F1 to access the built-in user's guide. You can also view the user's guide here.

For help downloading, installing, or activating the software, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Using Realtime Landscaping Photo

Below are many different topics to help you learn your new software. Some are links to selected topics from the user's guide, while others are in-depth tutorials.
Getting Started
Start a Landscape Design Using the Wizard Getting Started Video

How to design a Photo landscape in a step-by-step video guide

Importing a Background Picture

How to import the picture you want to design over

Adding Objects
Add Plants, Fill Regions, Edging, and More Adding Plants

How to add realistic plant pictures

Adding Fill Regions

How to add areas of grass, multch, cement, and more

Adding Edging

How to add edging of many different types

Adding Accessories

How to add outdoor furniture, decorations, and more

Adding Pictures

How to add pictures of people, animals, rockery, and more

Adding Text

How to add labels or messages

Editing Objects and Materials
Edit Objects Easily and Effectively Editing Objects

Links to instructions for various ways to modify your objects

Editing Points

How to edit the shape of your objects

Editing Materials

Customize the appearance of your objects

Editing Pictures

How to start the Realtime Picture Editor for editing plants and other pictures

More Editing Options
Advanced Tools to Achieve Realistic Results Using Masks

How to prevent objects from appearing over certain parts of the background

Landscape Lighting

Add landscape lights and Japanese lanterns to your design

Changing the Drawing Order

How to move objects in front of or behind other objects

Editing the Background Picture

Edit the background picture using the Realtime Picture Editor

Advanced Features
Import 3DS and SketchUp Models Importing SketchUp and 3DS Models

Download models from the Google 3D Warehouse and import them using the wizard

Importing Pictures

Import pictures of plants and other objects using the Picture Import Wizard

Remove Objects from a Photograph

How to eliminate items from photos

Email a Completed Design

How to save a design as an image to be emailed, uploaded to a website, or sent to a print shop

Importing 3D Designs

Want to add a swimming pool or any other detailed creation to your photo-based landscapes? Create 3D scenes using Realtime Landscaping Architect and import them into Realtime Landscaping Photo