Professional Landscape Design Software

Realtime Landscaping Plus 2014

Winner of the TopTEN award for best landscape software, Realtime
Landscaping Plus 2014 is the perfect software for visualizing your landscape
design ideas. Design over a photo or create full 3D designs. Only $79.95.

  • Design impressive residential landscapes
  • Includes all features of Realtime Landscaping Photo
  • No prior CAD experience required
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User Guide Updates

Getting Started

The Quick Start guide is the best way to get started. To access the guide:

  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. From the Programs menu, select Realtime Landscaping Plus 5 > Help > Realtime Landscaping Plus Quick Start Guide.

A printed copy is included with the shipped software. You can also download the guide (4 MB).

Tip: For more comprehensive help, press F1 to access the built-in user's guide. You can also view the user's guide here.

For help downloading, installing, or activating the software, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Using Realtime Landscaping Photo

Realtime Landscaping Plus includes the full version of Realtime Landscaping Photo. For tutorials on designing your landscape over a photo, please see the Realtime Landscaping Photo Tutorials.

Using Realtime Landscaping Plus

Below are many different topics to help you learn your new software. Some are links to selected topics from the user's guide, while others are in-depth tutorials.
Getting Started
Start a Landscape Design Using the Wizard Creating Your First Landscape

How to use the Landscape Wizard to build your first landscape

Adjusting the View

Learn how to adjust your viewpoint in the Top-Down View or the Perspective view

The Realtime Walkthrough

Walk through your landscape designs in realtime 3D

Adding Objects
Add New 3D Objects, Plants, and Pictures Adding Plants

A video tutorial for adding plants to a landscape design

Adding Objects

How to add objects to your landscape design

Adding Pictures

Add pictures of animals, statuary, rockery, and other objects

Adding Plants

How to add plants to your landscape

Adding Accessories

Decorate your landscape design with lawn furniture, outdoor kitchens, playsets, roads, and more

Editing Objects and Materials
Edit Objects and Materials Editing Points

A video tutorial for editing the points of a 3D object

Editing Materials

A video tutorial for editing the materials of any object

Editing Objects

Links to instructions for various ways to edit your objects

Editing Points

Methods for editing the shapes of your objects

Editing Materials

How to customize the appearance of the objects in your design

Editing Pictures

How to start the Realtime Picture Editor for editing plants and other pictures

Houses, Decks, Fences, and Lighting
Design Custom Houses, Decks, and Fences Deck Design

A video tutorial for creating an elegant deck using the 3D deck tool

House Wizard

Add a pre-designed house using the wizard

House Design

How to design a house from scratch using the 3D House tool

Deck Wizard

Add a pre-designed deck using the wizard

Deck Design

How to create a deck using the 3D Deck tool

Fence Design

How to create a fence using the 3D Fence tool

Landscape Lighting

Add traditional landscape lights, flaming torches, and Japanese lanterns to your design

Terrain and Lot Size
Add Slopes and Hills Adding Slopes

How to add slopes/grades to your design

Adding Height Grids

How to use a Height Grid to add hills and uneven terrain

Adding Area Graders

Add Area Graders to flatten, raise, or lower parts of the design

Setting the Lot Size

How to set the lot size (the size of your design), as well as the print scale (a print scale is optional)

Import SketchUp and 3DS Models Copying Landscapes to Another Computer

Use the "Archive" command to copy landscapes containing custom data to another computer

Importing SketchUp and 3DS Models

Download models from the Google 3D Warehouse and import them using the wizard

Importing Pictures

Import pictures of plants and other objects using the Picture Import Wizard

Using Metric

Switch from English to Metric for all distance measurements

E-mailing a design

How to save the Top-Down View as a picture file that can be e-mailed

Large Output Printing

How to print to large sheets

Remove Objects from a Photograph

How to eliminate items from photos

Email a Completed Design

How to save a design as an image to be emailed, uploaded to a website, or sent to a print shop

Modeling Tools
Create Your Own Objects Introduction to Custom Modeling

Create custom models using the integrated modeling tools

Creating a Custom Patio Table

How to create your own patio table

Creating a Custom Planter

How to create your own planter

Creating a Custom Pond Bridge

How to create your own pond bridge