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Landscape Lighting Design Tutorial


This tutorial will walk you through the fundamentals of landscape lighting design in Realtime Landscaping Pro.

Loading a sample landscape

The first step in our landscape lighting design is to select and open a sample landscape that does not currently boast full landscape lighting. For this purpose, open “sample2” which is found by clicking the “file” menu and selecting “open sample”.

Landscape Design

Switching to evening

Because our landscape lighting design will only be apparent at night, we must switch to evening to properly visualize our results. To switch to evening, select “evening” from the “environment settings” that is found under the “settings” menu. While switching to the evening mode will not affect the lighting of the landscape in the design mode, the lights we place will not be illuminated unless in walkthrough mode.

Landscape Slope

Placing pond lights

One brilliant way to accent your landscape is to illuminate your pond. Illuminating your pond will have the effect of drawing the eye to the textures of the objects within and around the pond. To add pond lights, click the “landscape light” button found under the “landscape” tab. Once the landscape light button is selected, click the preview of the default landscape light that is found to the right of the screen. From the selection of landscape lights that ensues, pick “pond light”. Proceed to place seven pond lights in a circle around the inside of the pond.

Pond Lighting

Changing pond light color

Now we have the option of selecting a different color for our pond lighting. To change the lighting color, select the pond lights and click on the color preview that is found to the right of the screen. Now that we have a complete color palette, choose a light blue color. Changing the pond lighting to a light blue will have the advantage of increased pond relevance to the landscape.

Pond Design

Placing garden lights

The next step in our landscape lighting design is to add garden lights. To access the garden light selection, click the preview of the light that appears to the right of the screen after selecting the “landscape light” button that is found under the “landscape” tab. From the light selection, select “garden light3”. Proceed to place one light on each corner of the wooden bridge, and one light on either side of the small waterfall at the end of the stream. Placing landscape lights in these locations will accent the other two important objects in the landscape: the wooden bridge and the waterfall.

Landscape Lighting

Changing garden light color

The last step in our landscape lighting design is to brighten the garden lights so that they illuminate more of the yard. To brighten the color of the landscape lights, change their color to white instead of gray. Changing the color to white will cause the garden lights to cast a brighter beam and can be done by selecting the white color that appears after the color preview is clicked while a garden light is selected.

Garden Lighting

Completing the tutorial

Congratulations! You have completed the landscape lighting design tutorial. If you have any questions or comments about this tutorial, please contact me and I will be happy to assist you further.

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