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Large Output Printing

Large format printing made easy using any Realtime Landscaping product

Whether or not you own a large output printer, posters and other large printouts can be created following 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Render the Image

The first step is to create the image that you wish to print. If you wish to create a large printout of the 3D view, then the best way to capture the image is to enter the Walkthrough and press the F5 key. If your intention is to capture Architect's Plan View, the top-down view, or a finished Photo design, then click "File" and use one of the "Print to File" options.

The first image shown to the right is the dialog box for choosing where on your computer to save your image and what options to use when creating it. The second image will appear as the rendering is being created.

It is recommended to use "High" render quality and the maxium resolution available when creating images for large scale printing.
Render Dialog
Resize the Image to be Printed

Step 2: Resize the Image

The next step is to resize the picture to be optimal for printing. This step can seem confusing at first, but only requires a photo editing program and some basic math.

The reason resizing can be helpful is because you will be converting pixels to inches, and you can do a better job at resizing than the printer can. The three factors to consider when resizing are resolution of the image, size of the final printout (in inches or centimeters), and DPI (or Dots Per Inch). To resize a large image, we recommend using PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, or Gimp (free).

300 DPI is optimal for most printers, so if the image will be printed on a 30in(width) by 20in(height) paper, simply multiply the width and height by 300. This simple math gives us a result of 9000 pixels wide, and 6000 pixels high, so that is what the image should be resized to.

Step 3: Print

The final step is to print your rendered image. If you do not own or plan to buy a costly large format printer, there are some excellent options for inexpensive large scale printing.

For our office posters, we have found Costco's printing services to be of great value and quality. Depending on the services your local Costco offers, you may be able to upload your image via the internet, eliminating a trip to their location.

When submitting images online, be sure to turn off any color correction or quality control options, as these may negatively impact the result. When uploading your image, it is also advised to select the slowest uploading option (if applicable), as faster uploads are typically accomplished by reducing image quality.

If Costco is not an option for you, there are other print shops at your desposal, such as Walmart and various online printing services.
The Final Printout


  • When resizing the image, it is recommended to "sharpen" the image for clearer printouts. Sharpening can be done in virtually any photo editing program.
  • In the term DPI, or Dots Per Inch, a dot compares to a pixel. 300 DPI means that for every square inch of paper there are 300 dots.
  • When printing, keep in mind that some printers will tend to print differently in terms of saturation and brightness. If possible, a test print is recommended.
  • If you will be uploading your image online, it is recommended to save it as a Jpeg because they are smaller and quicker to upload. Otherwise, BMP or PDF formats are preferable.
  • When resizing, take care not to overly stretch the image. If you find that the image must be stretched a fair amount in order to match the proportions of the paper, then you may need to choose a different paper size.


Here are photographs of two of the posters currently in our office. They were printed using Costco's services, and each measures approximately 30in by 20in. Click either image to enlarge.

Pond Design Printout Pond Design Printout